INVARIANT, developed by eHealthcare Interactive, is a user-friendly, web based clinical research training, and knowledge assessment application. Sponsors, CRO’s, and sites employ INVARIANT to improve study training and communication to greatly enhance the overall effectiveness of study training. It facilitates an improved understanding and comprehension of study protocols as well and enhancing the execution of clinical research.

Bringing Consistency to Study Startup,
Site Training and Communications.

INVARIANT has been developed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the clinical trial and data management arenas. It has been designed to optimize the ability of Sponsors, CROs and Sites to conduct the highest quality of clinical research studies per protocol and regulatory requirements throughout the course of the studies. Later phase clinical studies are conducted over the course of one, two or three year periods and more often than we would like, personnel responsible for the conduct of those studies assume vital study related roles well after the Investigator Meeting or Site Initiation Training.

A Cross-Device Solution,
INVARIANT Delivers Convenience and Flexibility.

The INVARIANT cross-device application, can be deployed to enhance traditional Investigator Meetings or used with alternative options to reduce costs. The application provides an innovative, engaging study protocol training instrument that helps to ensure that your study personnel have convenient access to protocol training at the onset, and throughout the duration of the study.

Individuals responsible for the safe, accurate and timely conduct of a clinical study are provided with a detailed interactive study training to ensure consistency of instruction and messaging over the lifespan of the study. Multimedia presentations related to the investigational product preparation, administration, rater training, adverse event reporting,

Standing Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Good Clinical Practices (GCP) are provided to study personnel. To further ensure personnel have a sufficient working knowledge of the protocol and related information, comprehension is tested by means of knowledge centric assessments embedded within the course curriculum.

These training tools are designed to measure, document and report the level of understanding of study personnel. Additionally, internal diagnostics have been designed to identify specific areas of the training curriculum and conduct that appear to be problematic or poorly understood. This allows for target content modifications to increase the level of understanding and comprehension.

INVARIANT can be deployed to enhance traditional Investigator Meetings or used with alternative options.


This cross-device application provides user convenience and flexibility.

End to end training and site communications plus management dashboards available via desktop, tablet or smartphone!


Secure login
> Unique user name and passwords
> Password strength requirements

User Account Management
> Ability to Create, Delete/Disable Users
> Assign Users to Project(s)

Permissions Based Roles and User Groups


This cross-device application provides user convenience and flexibility.

It can be deployed to supplant, supplement, enhance and shorten the length of costly Investigator Meetings.

Information. Organization. Control.

INVARIANT provides a superior training delivery mechanism and provides quantifiable data demonstrating study personnel have acquired the knowledge base to conduct a study per the protocol in a safe, consistent and timely manner.

INVARIANT further enhances study conduct by providing study sites with eHealthcare Interactive’s Integrated Subject Visit Planner scheduling system. This feature allows sites to better forecast the timing of required study visits. Precise planning allows for increased compliance with the study protocol. Individual study subject visit compliance can be monitored by the Sponsor, CRO, Clinical Monitors and Study Site personnel throughout the course of the study.

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